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Response to the Question Student Institution Abstract To ensure a higher job performance at any organization, goal-setting, feedback and training, rewards and positive reinforcement are extremely significant. However, I believe that amongst these three basic factors in a performance improvement cycle, rewards and positive reinforcement are especially crucial. Although one cannot deny the significant role goal-setting plays in the performance of the workers, a reward can be used as a guiding force for them. Moreover, the majority of the workforce belongs to the millennials category. They are more purpose-oriented and want to be appraised at regular intervals. Rewards play as a parameter for them to understand what they are doing well and what should be improved to achieve the desired outcome. Also, monetary rewards motivate an employee to set tougher goals, while non-monetary rewards lead them to easier goal-setting. It manifests that rewards can impact the goal-setting activities of employees and reflects the dominance of rewards over goal-setting. Response to the Question Determining, evaluating, and acknowledging an employee’s job performance is a cyclic process which ensures a smooth work mechanism at any organization. These factors possess a significant place in any workplace, and in the absence of any factor will lead to an abruption or inability to achieve the desired outcome. Although, the importance of goal setting and training can never be denied, as they are extremely critical in mainstreaming the strives management and employees put in a company. I believe that reward and positive reinforcement is the most important factor amongst them. Rewards

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