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Name Professor Course Date Non-fictional Stories Whispers from the Grave The author’s view in this story is that the past influences the future; the badly broken hero in the tale who cannot be fixed due to his tragic past characterizes this. As such, the author has skillfully interwoven a treacherous love triangle with aspects of the supernatural and brutal American civil war. The writer captures the attention of the reader right from the start of the novel by combining various types of historical fiction, romance, mystery and a touch of horror. The characters are developed appropriately allowing them to stretch beyond what is expected. The portions of civil war in the book are clearly and systematically arranged allowing the reader to have a thoughtful experience about the suffering of the era. The author makes the supernatural subject real to the reader by instilling fear in the characters by making them more frightening. For instance, when the ghost attacks Sarah, windows fly open with a gust of wind and thunder, lights later go off, and she is left in darkness, which is so terrifying (Rule 26). This makes the reader have an enduring grip on their imagination. I believe that the supernatural phenomenon exists but rarely since different things happen in the world that we do not understand. Based on the stories I have heard and seen on the internet, I am quite convinced that it can exist. However, it highly depends on an individual experiencing the phenomenon. Creative non-fiction After being diagnosed with cancer, she thought that her life had ended. Many thoughts crossed her mind. She imagined the family she will leave behind, the children who will miss

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