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Name Instructor Course Date Response Papers Question 1 Simon is a National Public Radio correspondent. He hosts NPR’s Weekend Edition on Saturdays. In this piece, Simon’s standpoint is clear. He understands that same-sex marriage is beyond the family viewpoint. According to him, same-sex marriage is a broad topic, whose discussion require not only open-mindedness but also certitude in decision-making. Simon claims that most politicians often hinge their positions regarding same-sex relations on family matters. In this regards, he cites three politicians to support his claim. On his frontline is Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. Regardless of his long tradition of opposing same-sex relations, the senator changed his mind on the same subject after realizing that his son is gay because did not want to hurt his son (Simon 220). He also cites the former President Barrack Obama whose support for homosexuality was hinged on the fact that his daughters had friends whose parents were homophiles. Finally, to encapsulate his generalization or claim, Simon connotes the former Vice President Dick Cheney as the only politician whose support for homosexuality was genuine. Question 2 Simon is neutral regarding same-sex relations. However, three things for which he strongly vouches, when it comes to decisions regarding homosexuality, are open-mindedness, open-heartedness, and sensitivity to change (Simon 221). Again, in deep analysis, one cannot fail to realize that Scott Simon is strong Democrats, whose thinking trajectory leans towards the liberal intellectuals’. The correspondent hoards solid confidence that change is inevitable, and that everyone should be open to change

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