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Name Professor Subject Date Identity Politics Introduction For many years a vast majority of Americans shared several beliefs about the goals of the government, its composition, and the public policies it considered most important. Many people felt that it was appropriate for the national government to have the power to provide protection for the primary civil rights of all Americans. The leaders felt that life and liberty were the leading rights that every citizen had to enjoy and that freedom was not equal to "something that the people could have access to as a ready-made gift." Instead, it was "something they had to struggle to achieve." This paper will give a response to a set of questions that address the political identity issues related to American rights. Q 1 In general, the 1964 Act of Civil Rights dealt with the enforcement of the constitutional rights to vote; and to provide jurisdiction conference upon the United States district courts to ensure relief against discriminative actions in any public accommodations. It also strived to grant the Attorney General the authority to institute suits to ensure the protection of constitutional rights in both public education and public facilities, and to expand the Commission on matters of Civil Rights. Other aspects of the 1964 Civil Rights Act included preventing discrimination in all programs considered federally-assisted; and establishing a Commission dealing with Equal Employment Opportunity, among other purposes CITATION EEO16 l 1033 (EEOC). An intensive review of the Title of the 1964 Civil Rights Act helps set up the legal foundation for which the founding fathers promised the American dream to be all

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