Respiratory Therapist Facs and Factors of Obama-Care

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Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Respiratory Therapist Facts and Factors of Obama-Care Medicare-Medicaid laws The current Medicare facilities in the US are not bad in the way that they are implemented to work. The laws that are implemented by the government govern re-hospitalization. The laws are made in a way that they should make the procedure safe, equitable, efficient and time-saving all the time. There is an Affordable Care Act implemented since 2010 by the government to take care of the medical sector. Thus, it is a right to every individual to get access to medical services and not a privilege to get the same. Moreover, to avoid re-hospitalization in the healthcare facility that I work in, we ensure that we treat a patient as best as we can and enforce homecare where the doctor follows up on the patient. This allows the patient to take all medicines that they are given. Obamacare’s covering of homecare The Obamacare as the government has been saying covers for homecare too. This is meant to make the healthcare services affordable for every person so that the hospital up their performances. With the improvement of the hospital services through targets set up by the government, the healthcare sector is supposed to improve. RRTs The respiratory therapists are currently experiencing challenges in reimbursements of funds. Particularly this takes place when a patient is readmitted to a hospital. If initially the government had paid for the costs of treatment it will not take care of the second treatment. Hence, even for the smallest of injuries, no form of reimbursement will be made at any time just as the same way that the hospital will be punished

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