Respect for Others and Self

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Respect for Others and Self Naturally, we admire certain people based on their qualities, achievements, performance and abilities. These feelings describe respect. Based on one’s attitudes and behavior towards other individuals, he or she may attract or earn respect. Relationships involving a number of individuals are well managed through respect. The success in our environment regarding principles and values is a pointer of the many benefits respect achieves. Various queues present respect. These include the words, actions, and gestures. It is especially difficult to show respect for others when their actions, words or gestures point towards rudeness. I recently had an encounter with such a challenge. The incident took place in a hotel where after making an order, the waitress brought a different meal to the table. I responded by informing her it was the wrong order. Although as much as I politely insisted that there was an error in the ordering, the waitress became more aggressive, thereby attracting the attention of others. I opted to pay for the meal and apologized for the inconvenience caused. My principles on respect and the need to respect others mainly influenced this decision, especially when in a crisis, disagreement or cases of confrontation. Being disrespectful would only have escalated the problem. The situation helped me exercises self-control and self-restraining to achieve the better relationship with the same individual in future. This incident made me realize how much I value not only self-respect but that for others as well. Restraining form engaging and apologizing represent self- control and discipline in upholding what I believe in and value.

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