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Creating a Learning Playlist on MentorMob Student’s Name Institution Summary of the Lesson Plan MentorMob is an online tool that falls in the class of web curators. It offers both teachers and students an opportunity to create a learning playlist of resources they deem appropriate for the unit, course or subject. For instance, a teacher of elementary students can use this tool and refer learners to it for reference and further exercise. Thus, it helps them to remix curriculum by including web resources. Instructions ought to be planned before commencing the playlist. This is done by browsing the net and collecting URLs and descriptions of resources that will fit in the playlist. Other documents such as job aids, handouts, or graphics relevant to the playlist are created. Afterwards, a step by step process outlined and relevant resources are inserted in their appropriate places. The playlist is flexible and can be adjusted latter according to different individuals’ preferences. When your plan is complete, you can click, “Create.” Consequently, fill information on the playlist that you have created. This is critical because it helps other users to know what precisely they should anticipate from it. In the privacy setting, you have an option to set the playlist to be available either privately or publically. When done, save the information and click, “Create” again. If an intermediate screen displays with permission to contribute to the already existing playlist, click, “Continue” to ignore the option and move on. When an empty playlist opens up with a green “+” sign, click it add the prerequisite steps. The procedures above will usher you

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