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Research Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part 1 Researchers employ various methods when performing different studies on several issues to enable them to provide accurate or near-accurate conclusions. The most common method involve observational studies with control variables used to approximate causal influences in applied social study. However, researchers acknowledge the limitations of this form of study whereby it does not offer precise estimates of causal effects due to significant probabilities of unmeasured variables (Remler & Van 2015). Therefore, experiments are considered to be the best providers of causation evidence. Randomized trials are the best or “gold standard” to display the cause-effect correlations. The employment of random assignments to form statistically corresponding control groups and treatment, this method omits any bias from common cause variables. Part 2 Soomo Publishing (2016) suggest, following the examples used in the podcast, three possible outcomes of correlation between variables including a positive relationship between variables, negative and no relation between the used variables. Sooma Publishing (2016) believes that an active connection is whereby an increase in one variable leads to an increase in the other. On the other hand, a negative correlation includes an instance in which a decrease in one variable causes an increase in the other (Coon Mitterer, Talbot & Vanchella 2010; Comer & Gould 2013). Finally, an observational study that reveals no link between two variables is whereby a change in one variable has no significant effect on other variables. Part 3 Regression Analysis is a

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