Research Question: What are the associated issues causing mental health concerns in BME adults ( 18 to 65 year old) in London Borough of Southwark?

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Student Professor Course Date Mental health For a long time, there has been an increase of cases of health problems. It is, therefore, vital for research to be conducted to determine what might be the cause of it. This literary writing is a proposal in which will act as a blueprint for the research process. The research will aim at to determine what are the issues that associate will the mental health of older adults in London Borough of Southwark. Therefore, the study will be entitled causes of health mental. The objectives of the research are: To know the main causes of the disease. To determine the way in which the causes should be controlled in the future. Another objective is to know the type of diseases that might occur through the disorder. Also to know the outcomes of each disease as how many have died of it. This questions and objectively will also help the researcher to gain more information within that particular context (Sheila, 580). The aims of the research are to know how many Africans who are mainly affected with the disease. Also to know what should be done so as in the future the disease may not spread in the future. Another aim is to know how many are effected through such disease. Lastly, we will aim to find out how the affected and infected can be made comfortable in whatever situation they are. Previously research has been carried out on the same topic. For instance, the previous shows that the cause of mental health challenges is the social, physiology and individual challenges. The research will determine the validity of this background information. The assumptions that these researchers have done will either help to approve or

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