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Research Question and Bibliography Air pollution is the excessive discharge of unwanted foreign materials into the air, thereby adversely altering the quality of air and producing damage to humans, plants, and animal lives. Some of the air pollutants include particulates, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbons, asbestos among others (Rabl and De Nazelle 124; Stern 5). Sources of air pollution are either natural including natural contaminants, dust storms, and volcanic eruptions or human-made, for instance, from rapid industrialization, deforestation and automobile revolution (Hitchcock et al. 145). Air pollution can lead to increased asthma attacks and cardiac arrest, and even among healthy people can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory illness (over the long term can lead to decreased lung capacities), which over time could be fatal. Due to increasing awareness of the diverse effects of air pollution, numerous countries have promulgated air quality standards among the Clean Air Act 1970 of the United States (Smith 2; Stanley et al. 1027). It was directed by the Environmental Protection Agency to establish air quality standards for particulates, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and hydrocarbons. There has been growing awareness that significant benefits for our environment can be achieved by reducing the use of personal cars and instead shifting to public transport (CDC; FTA; Dart First State). Research has it that about 30% of the air pollution comes from transportation needs, especially cars and trucks. Studies by APTA- American Public Transportation Authority show that mass transportation produces 95% less carbon dioxide and nearly 50% less carbon dioxide and

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