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Research problem The study had its focus in finding whether exposure to stress in early life has any impacts that recur later in life hence contributing to higher risks of psychopathology in both humans and mice. Research questions The question that needs priority in finding the answer is the extent orphanage experiences in early life impact the emotions and behavior of the orphaned population. The second research question that this study aimed at answering is whether the long-term consequences of exposure to stress in early life are reversible later in life. Lastly, the study aimed at finding out whether the results exhibited by rodents will replicate what is expected in the human population. Importance of the research The research is important since it tries to find a link between research carried out in animals and tries to establish whether the study results apply to the human population. It would lack importance to carry out research but find out that the results have no relationship to people. Further, if the research applies to humans, then the findings can enable the researchers to come up with solutions to the challenges facing humanity especially on matters pertaining stress. The research further promotes proper parental care to prevent the likelihood of exposing children to stress factors. Lastly, the research carried out tries to explain how exposing human beings to stress in early life is likely to impact their behavior and emotions in the future hence creating the need to eliminate the stress factors in early life. Methods used The study was conducted using mice of both genders placed in conditions that did not violate the welfare of the animals. Male and

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