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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number:Date: Research Participation Sara Eckel in her article “Listening to Jealousy” describes jealousy as a reactive feeling by a partner when he or she thinks or suspects that their relationship is under threat from either a real or virtual rival. Basing on various studies, she concludes that jealousy can be valuable if kept in check but otherwise it can lead to disastrous outcomes. It also indicated that couples were more excited if they noticed their partner’s exhibiting this emotion because it shows that they cared about the other person. Nevertheless, the current culture does not let the individuals involved to admit their feeling because it displays aspects of insecurity and inferiority in the relationship. The article also explains that most partners that acted out on their feelings found the reaction not helpful but led to more issues in the relationship. On the other hand, from experimental research on several couples, those who were calm and performed a self-check were motivated to improve on their weak points and gave more time to their spouses of partners. In another trial using virtual reality, where jealousy was instigated via a conversation where one person is neglected, the other partner indicated reactive jealousy and stepped into the conversation. Eckel also explores the consequences of bottling the jealous feeling up as leading to breaking up of marriages or troubled relationships. She uses an example of a man who loses his wife and later learns to respect the jealous feeling and thus encourages the immediate discussion of the feeling with the partner is key to avoiding long-term effects.

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