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Research Project Cover Letter Student Name Institutional Affiliation Research project cover letter In writing cover letters to accompany research data, most researchers usually detail the importance of the data obtained in the research. This is witnessed numerously. However, one question remains, “Is it the best approach towards writing a cover letter? “Apparently, there are numerous items from the research that a researcher could detail in their cover letter. To begin with, the researcher while detailing the details of the need for the data often drives attention to the wrong subject. Mostly, the researcher will focus on them over the research. It is preferable to focus on the respondent of the research. The best approach while writing a cover letter for research as mentioned above is to focus on the respondent. This will involve placing a high level of focus on the interests and needs borne by the respondent with regards to the research. One of the major points to address in the research would be to check whether there are personal interests of the respondent covered in the research (Leedy & Ormrod 2016). After identifying such a provision in the research, the researcher should address the respondent on how they can access the specific information. Also, the researcher may point out particular goals to be attained if the research is put into being. Preferably, the goals ought to be in line with the respondent's goals (Leedy & Ormrod 2016). The researcher should ensure that they detail the much value the project will be to the respondent. Another aspect of the research that should be addressed is the period f time that the project might take to be

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