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RESEARCH APPROVAL FORM Team Name Team Members Full Names Area of Interest The broad area of interest for the study is Environmental Technology but the research will focus on Green Nanotechnology. Statement of a problem in area of interest The study seeks to explore the applicability of green nanotechnology in the field of environmental technology for purposes such as reducing pollution and creating clean and renewable sources of energy and also to substitute chemical production processes that will in turn reduce the rate of toxic industrial waste thus creating more effective production processes and also a cleaner and more friendlier environment in the future . Issues/ Concepts/ factors (brainstorm; list all that you thought of) There are many concerns in the area of Green Nanotechnology since it a relatively new area of study when compared to other study areas of environmental pollution and conservation that have been around for almost or more than a century. Some of these issues are outlined and highlighted below. The ability of Nanotechnology to meet its anticipated goals effectively such as decontaminating polluted water, managing waste products, creation and increase of energy sources that are renewable, and substituting harmful chemical processes just to mention a few , . Negative impacts that may result from the use of nanotechnology especially those that may be detrimental to human health since some of its applications are meant for things used in human consumption such as drinking water . The cost of implementing the use of Green Nanotechnology considering the cost of production of nanotechnology substance, the cost of the pollution caused by the

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