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Name Instructor Course Date Reproduction Fertilization is the combination of an egg and a sperm while location of the fertilized oocyte on the uterine refers to implantation. Growth and differentiation of the uterus, invasion of blastocyst, and formation of placenta are subsequent stages after conception. Differentiation commences from the trophoblast lineage leading to formation of ectoderm, mesoderm and finally endoderm that develop specific tissues and systems. The embryo develops in forty weeks attached to the placenta through the umbilical cord that is responsible for the exchange of gases and nutrients. Maturation of the fetus triggers contraction of the uterine walls and changes in the cervix that result in the setting in of labor and birth. Prenatal care aids in implementation of preventative medicine as it enables early diagnosis of complications. Stillbirth is a case where fetal death occurs between the 20th and 28th week of gestation. Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling differ on sampling of the amniotic fluid in the former and placenta in the latter method. Achievement of predictable and consistent abilities to perform certain tasks defines developmental tasks. Some of the developmental tasks of infancy and childhood include physical maturation, cognitive, social functions, learning to walk, ingesting solid food and excretion of wastes. Visual testing provided in schools includes myopia, 3D and color vision. Hearing screening involves conductive, sensorineural, functional and mixed hearing loss. Alcohol intake during pregnancy causes defects referred to as fetal alcohol syndrome. Mothers who abuse alcohol while pregnant deliver infants who exhibit

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