representation of race, gender and class in Mo Better Blues (1990), Round Midnight (1986), and Bird(1988)

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Representation of Race, Gender and Class in Mo Better Blues (1990), Round Midnight (1986), and Bird (1988) Ever since the 20th century; race, gender and class are prevalent themes in most films. While Bird is a biography, Round Midnight and Mo’ Better Blues are classified under the bracket of musicals or musical films. The three films also address these contemporary issues that often affect societies. In addition to creating awareness about diverse races, genders and classes, these films are useful in enlightening the audience about their inevitabilities. In exploring issues of races in Mo’ Better Blues, there is a focus on the filmmakers and producers. It delves deep into the ideas elicited in black films, created by blacks. Often, white filmmakers are unable to capture the challenges faced by black folk to precision. As black filmmakers relate with the daily complications experienced as a person of color, they manage to incorporate these ideas accordingly, in films such as Mo’ Better Blues (Guerrero 2). Understanding the film from a person of color’s perspective, intensifies the effect of a given message and idea. It may be related directly to the effects noted apropos of autobiographies, testimonies and person narratives. When the audience receives first-hand information, they are bound to comprehend it at a deeper level. Spike Lee, director, producer and writer of Mo’ Better Blues, is a black man and it is clear that his racial affiliation affected his film’s popularity. Such approaches, therefore, improve the delivery of themes and ideas intended for the audience. Instead of

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