Report on a Development program in Afghanistan to develop Cold Chain and cold storage

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1628775-38100000 Report on a Cold Chain and Cold Storage Development Program: A Trial on Extended Preservation of Fresh Grapes in Storage Table of Contents: Acknowledgments TOC o "1-3" h z u HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168507" 1.Purpose PAGEREF _Toc510168507 h 34 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168508" 2.Background PAGEREF _Toc510168508 h 34 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168509" 3.2016 RADP-N – MGCSSC Project PAGEREF _Toc510168509 h 56 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168510" 4.Methodology PAGEREF _Toc510168510 h 6 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168511" 4.1 Upgrades to the facility PAGEREF _Toc510168511 h 67 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168512" 4.2 Product Selection PAGEREF _Toc510168512 h 67 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168513" 4.3 Harvesting Techniques PAGEREF _Toc510168513 h 67 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168514" 4.4 Transportation PAGEREF _Toc510168514 h 7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168515" 4.5 Grading and Packaging: PAGEREF _Toc510168515 h 78 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168516" 4.6 Monitoring of stored product: PAGEREF _Toc510168516 h 78 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168517" 5.Project implementation PAGEREF _Toc510168517 h 8 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168518" 6.Evaluation of Critical Factors PAGEREF _Toc510168518 h 13 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168519" 6.1 Control of temperature and humidity - Upgrading the cold storage facility in preparation for long-term storage of fresh grapes PAGEREF _Toc510168519 h 13 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168520" 6.2 Selection of vineyards for harvest - Product selection in the field PAGEREF _Toc510168520 h 14 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168521" 6.3 Adoption of good harvesting techniques and good on-farm practices - Harvesting and post-harvest handling practices PAGEREF _Toc510168521 h 1615 HYPERLINK l "_Toc510168522" 6.4 Use

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