Report and Operational Definitions

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Report and Operational Definition Name Institution Report and Operational Definition Hypothesis Ho: A higher level of empathy increases morality in a person. Operationalizing Variables Morality is a sense of right and wrong that directs the behavior of a person. On the other hand, empathy is being able to understand and feel the situation a person is and relate to it without having to experience it first-hand. It has been argued that people with a higher level of morality are expected to show a higher empathy for other people as well. This theory complements practical facts to some extent, and this study will be designed to strengthen the argument and find more ground for the story. The study will be following the pattern of Toronto Empathy Questionnaire where a set of 16 questions is used to measure the level of empathy in people. To quantify this study, a couple of questions will be added to the equation in order to measure the connection between the two main conducts; morality and empathy. The independent variable is empathy while the dependent variable is morality. A Likert scale will be used to measure the independent variables in the equation. For instance, self-evaluation questions will be aimed to identify the emotional sensitivity of a person. An operational definition of empathy is when a person is able to understand the problem of others and do not feel agitated because of that while morality is about respecting people’s feelings and understanding what is good and bad to do in a certain situation. Questions about how a person feels when he or she sees another person sad or crying, how they respond and cheer them up will help identify the

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