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REPLIES Name Course Date 1.R.H. I concur with Goldsworthy that the main reason why God created us is to glorify, praise and worship Him. Disobedience from Adam and Eve made sin to be introduced into the world, but due to his merciful nature, God gave his only begotten son to come and die for our sins. He never wanted us to suffer eternally. It is because of His love that he allowed Jesus to come and suffer the punishment that was meant for the humankind. We can call this as qualities of a good leader. According to Albert Mohler on his teachings of 25 teachings for leadership that matters, he says that a true leader should be ready to forego or sacrifice everything for the ones he loves to make them happy and satisfied in every encounter in their lives (Mohler 2012, 94). Mohler uses his experience to show that leadership is a process of transferring of conviction to others. A leader should be able to influence the actions of his followers, motivate them, and be committed to offering service to his people. This is exactly what God did by giving us His only son to come and die for our sins. As a good leader, He loved us and could not want us to suffer anymore. As humans, we have been given a chance to follow the leadership principles of God included in the Bible or we leave our own lives. I agree with you that a true leader should not just tell people what to do or behave but should lead by example and be on the front line in condemning the wrongdoings of his people. Jesus during his teachings did not just tell people what to do, but he also showed them practically and that sets a good example that we all should follow. 2. W.E. I agree with you that

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