Renewed opposition to Israeli settlements

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` Renewed Opposition To Israeli Settlements Renewed Opposition To Israeli Settlements Issue-Introduction Israeli settlements in the west bank is one of the major crises which the Israeli government is facing at present. The issue could be termed multi-dimensional as a number of parties both local and international are involved in the issue. In December 2014, the Supreme Court of Israel had ruled that the settlements in the west bank are unauthorized and illegal. The outpost Amona established in 1995 sits on the private property of nearby Palestinian villagers. The Supreme Court ordered to demolish all the buildings in the Amona within a time period of 2 years. This was in pursuance of the previous Supreme Court rulings where it held that the international laws were made a part of the Israel’s constitution as the laws were binding on all civilized nations (Byung-Woon Lyou, 2015). This was further strengthened by the subsequent cases when the Supreme Court ruled that the Hague IV Convention is a perquisite for the Israeli government to consider all kinds of building and town planning (Voyiakis, 2010). The Sharon government constituted the Sasson commission to investigate the issue of illegal settlements. The Sasson commission also termed the west bank settlement in violation of the Supreme Court orders and international laws. In 2003, the government of Israel accepted to remove these posts for peace initiatives however the promise had not yet been fulfilled. The major problem is that the Israeli Government has been instructed to remove the illegal settlements by Supreme Court while it is facing major opposition from

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