Religious Subculture-Buddhism

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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Religious Subculture-Buddhism Buddhism is the fifth largest religion in America behind Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. The fifth position may not seem like anything to write home about, but the estimated Buddhist population is 3.9 million. This is a significant number for any country. This religious subculture attracts many because of its simple yet firm doctrines, which appeal to a considerable size of the population. It advocates for peace and harmony unlike other religions, which have been known to perpetrate violence and hatred based on differences in ideologies. The following paper will highlight the Buddhist subculture in America, its origin, how the religion has influenced its followers and the society and the statistical data of its members. History of Buddhism and Reason for choosing the subculture. The Buddhist religion started in 624 BC in modern day Nepal. At the time, the area was still part of Northern India. When its founder, Buddha, was about 29 years old, he retreated to the forest to meditate and focus on his spirituality. It was so useful that others asked that he teach them how to meditate and focus as he did. Thus began the religion that is Buddhism. The religion is based on principles of suffering, reasons for suffering, cessation of suffering and the path to such cessation. Collectively, they are known as the four noble truths, and they are the pillars upon which Buddhism is based. Apart from that, the religion also advocates for inner peace and deep meditation, which believers know, can help withstand anything. It rests on the tenets of spiritual development and

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