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The concept of religion appeals differently to varying individuals. For instance, Durkheim and Freud have a varying theory in regards to religion. According to Freud, the aspect of religion is based on an illusion that contains various dogmas that explain conditions or facts of both the internal and external reality (Freud, 2). More ever, religion aims at highlighting some things that are not yet discovered by a particular person. The transfer of religious concepts is done in three mechanisms. Firstly, people follow it because our previous ancestor believed in it. Secondly, there are various proves that show religion was passed from generation to generation through antiquity. Lastly, people are prohibited from raising issues that will question the authenticity of the religion (Freud, 7). Additionally, other concepts like taboo and totem are in place to explain how the growth structure of the psyche guides the direction of human civilization. Consequently, the illusion of religion is that many adults long for fatherly protection and they end up creating God to serve the purposes. In childhood, the need for a father`s protection is always stronger. Therefore, religious attitudes assist adults in satisfying the feeling of puerile helplessness. In adults, the belief of God presence is based entirely on an attempt to satisfy the necessary protection from the external dangers that threaten them (Freud, 9). The infantile feeling establishes a link with religion that guarantees oneness with the Lord, feeling of protection, and it offers consolation for the destroyed ego. Hence, religion is new to reality and plainly infantile. Life is always hard since humans struggled with many

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