Relationship of Intelligence Factor to reading performance

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Name Institution Date Introduction Relationship of Intelligence Factor to reading performance  In a traditional learning environment, whether in an implicit or explicit manner, many learning environments are organized and a majority of instructors teach learners like they are all the same. A significant amount of research has been done in the area of learning styles, and most instructors agree that each and every learner has different understanding profiles. Some of the areas investigated in learning of language include; multiple bits of intelligence, field independence/dependence, impulsive/reflective, and perceptual learning styles. Making a learner aware of their methods of learning creates additional interest in learning and also gives them motivation and drive for learning. Additionally, increasing a learners’ awareness of their style of learning makes the student more responsible for their learning. The paper aims to enlighten readers on how far research on learning has gone with a particular focus on multiple intelligence and its relevance in different categories of learning. The paper explores Multiple Intelligence and how it is related to; individuals studying English as their second language (ESL), web-based learners, and individuals studying English as the first language (EFL). Besides, the paper also shares insights on multiple bits of intelligence language teaching, learning and whether testing of intelligence can reveal ways of helping learners, especially children with reading disability. Relationship of Intelligence Factor to reading performance  Teachers are well versed with the fact that each classroom hosts learners who are from one

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