Reivew: The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the the Modern World by Louis Hyde

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Book Review There are few books that have explored the aspect of talents and how they interact with the existing economic system “The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the modern world” by Louis Hyde does a great job in exploring how these different areas interrelate. With the use of real-life examples, the book explores various artists, their approach towards their gifts, the interaction of their work with the economy and how it affected their art. This essay will explore some of the aspects of gifts or talents as discussed in Hyde’s book and how they pertain in our day to day lives. As the book explores about how the gift interacts with the economic market as opposed to other commodities, it is, therefore, significant to establish the difference between a gift and a commodity. The term gift is used by Hyde to refer to both immaterial and material inspirations and talents such as the gift of poetry, music, and academics. According to Hyde, a gift comes from deep within one’s soul. On the other hand, a commodity is that which a person gives in exchange for monetary compensation. One of the differences between a gift and a commodity that Hyde gives is that when a commodity is hoarded, it leads to an increase in wealth while for a gift, hoarding lead to a decrease in wealth (Hyde, 25). Another difference is that commodities are usually exchanged through logical commerce that relies on the principle of differentiation and reason while gifts are usually exchanged through erotic commerce which is based on involvement, attraction and union. The above-outlined differences are applicable even in real life situations.

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