Regime of Vladimir Putin

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During his tenure as the president, Vladimir Putin came up with policies which had an impact economically for the different regions and also affected civil liberties. During his early times as a president, there were efforts of creating a ‘vertical power’ which aimed at expanding the federal subjects. There was every effort to ensure that Russia sticks to her traditions and circumstances, rather than imitating the American or the European ways of economy and liberty. The regime Vladimir Putin worked towards maintaining the uniqueness in the political and economic realms, (Ganev, 498). It was the effort of maintaining the uniqueness that led to terming of the regime as “sovereign democracy.” During his first administration, there was economic growth of up to 7 % per year. Such were significant gains holding everything constant. There was also a 76% growth of industry while investment grew by over 100%. Much of the economic growth was in attribution to the creation of National Champions by the regime. This aspect regarded the creation of companies with vertical integration in the strategic sectors for economic uplifting. The companies were not aiming only at making profits; rather there was much focus on advancing the interests of the nation. There was also the creation of the stabilization fund which would receive funding from the stable sectors. For example, enormous benefits from the oil industry would go towards the stabilization. However, there was not a positive reception of the tactics of the economy by Ukraine. Following the misgivings from Ukraine, there has been a downfall of the energy prices. Such prices usually have a significant impact on the economy;

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