Reformists Vs Revolutionary Socialism

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Student’s Name Instructor Subject Date Reformists versus Revolutionary Socialism Reformist socialism involves reformists inclinations in which they believe that the enacting of slow reforms within and through current institutions can eventually transform the political structures of a given society. Additionally, these changes can bring about alter critical economic systems within a community. The concept of social reform was a result of notable antagonism against revolutionary socialism. Revolutionary socialism is a supposition that a social revolution is indispensable to impact some structural modifications within a community. More notably, it is a theory alleging that revolution is an essential prerequisite for bringing about any transformations in a country from capitalism to socialism. This paper identifies the differences and similarities between reformist and revolutionary socialism. 1. Differences and Similarities While reformist socialism believes in imposing gradual changes in the existing institutions within a government to bring about the significant structural transitions, revolutionary believes a revolution is necessary (Lenin n.p). Therefore, reformism posits that an accretion of modification in current national systems can result in the formation of an entirely altered socioeconomic structure. It is important to note that a revolution does not inevitably involve sadistic uprisings. Instead, Lenin indicates that revolution entails the convulsion of an existing political power by working class’ mass movements such that the working class directly controls a country instead of the capitalists and their interests (n.p). Also, while reformists

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