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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Family Group Conferencing African had always valued their family and kinship ties. In this regards, they ensured that their extended families had some power to attract and keep the family together. In most times, they would have a meeting conducted once or twice in a year to ensure that there is continuity in that bond (Waites, p. 128). On the same line, the African-American families to which they refer it as family group conferencing have adopted the culture thereby ripping its benefits. Typically, FGC has been used in the past as a tool to strengthen family bonds. In current use, it not only enhances families but also used to support people living together regardless of their family background. Particularly, the system has been used in developing systems, and foster cares. Despite the fact the family group conferencing was initially used by family members, it has brought more value to people who are not from the same family kinship. Apparently, the commitment required to keep an extended family together requires sacrifice. Most of these families are spread out, and it becomes difficult for some members to meet regularly. Thus, there is lack of meaning for the family group conferencing as applied by families. However, the system has been effective in the helping profession. The primary reason is that these people are living together; have the same agendas having time to come together regularly. For instance, the system has been useful in providing long-term support to older adults. They are made to feel being in a caring family other than their nuclear family. In light of everything, family group conferencing is

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