Reflective Movie Review

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Reflective Movie Review Movie analysis is an important component that provides a careful evaluation of the play. In this review, the focus is on a movie called “Father of the Bride.” ‘Father of the Bride’ is a film about Nina Banks and George who are both parents of a young girl called Annie. Annie is contemplating to marry, a fact that is making his father nervous because the young girl in the family is getting married. The review concentrates on the explanation of systems theory in describing the role of the family as part of the emotional unit in making complex decisions. Systems Theory System theory of the family tries to describe the behavior of individuals in observing the family unit from an emotional perspective. The theory is used to describe the complex interactions which exist in the family unit. Some of the challenges experienced at the family level include disconnection, actions, feelings, and thoughts of members (Theory, 2016). The movie offers a classic illustration of key issues impacting the family unit considerably. The first challenge is presented by George Banks having trouble in accepting the fact that her daughter, Annie, is getting married. Annie announces her expectations of becoming a mother, only for George to be traumatized by such revelations. The issue to George is that Annie would be distanced from him. The abrupt wedding plans bumble his father, an issue further worsened by the concerns of a man entering the family line and taking an innocent daughter away through marriage. The impact to the family is felt on the occurrence of emotional noncooperation between family members. When one family member goes away may be through marriage

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