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Reflective Journal I am a small-scale designer who specializes in producing street wear clothes. My brand is known as Vintage Global that generates clothing line of different preferences like backpacks, totes, accessories, apparel, handbags, hats and wristbands. However, the only frustration in this business is that the level of competition is always high. Additionally, the fashion industry is always transforming, and it is the responsibility of any leader to be up to date with current trends. My vital energy source is that I have a team of competent staffs who are always dedicated to the success this business. I always incorporate them in crucial decision-making processes, and I always gain fashion insights and knowledge from them (Gary, 2016). Currently, my team is involved in marketing my brand through the social media. Therefore, my employees are my source of energy because we have established a family culture that goes beyond the business. Consequently, I have also loved fashion and interior design since childhood. Therefore, it has always been my dream that I will develop a product that is unique from other designers known worldwide. The beauty of fashion is that it gives you the freedom to exploit your creativity and you end up generating something from simple objects. The fashion sector can also foster entrepreneurial skills in an individual. For instance, not only are creating your product but also you required to establish a chain of marketing, sales, and distribution of the created items (Gary, 2016). Furthermore, various issues also hold me back in regards to advancing my designing career, and that is the fear of intimidation from popular fashion designers

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