Reflective Journal 2

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Reflective Journal 1. My life is occupied by many issues like concentrating in school studies, and I recently established my own small-scale business. Personally, I am an upcoming designer who is currently specializing in development and sales of street wear clothes. My cloth brand is known as Vintage Class Clothing. My brand sale clothes of various preferences such as accessories, backpacks, hats, handbags, totes, apparel, and wristband. My ambition is to develop my small business into a globally known brand. I have a small team of competent staffs that can assist me to achieve my goals. The team helps in the main areas of business like offering me fashion insights, crucial product development decision and they also market my product through utilizing the social media (Gary, 2016). 2. Consequently, in my last moment, I would picture my entire life in the perspective of success and happiness. In my view, my happiness is based on doing what I love in the best way. I have always adored interior design and fashion since I was a kid. This has been my life dream that I would establish my own unique brand in the clothing industry that would attract the global attention. The beauty of formulating a design and fashion pattern is that it allows you the freedom to utilize your creativity and in the end, you come up with an item that will attract people`s attention and make them happy in the same time (Gary, 2016). In short, if I accomplish my fashion goals I will be dying a happy person since I made other people happy through my creativity. I also train my employees in creativity and management skill. Hence, inspiring other people to be self-sufficient and that would be another

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