Reflective Introduction

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Name Instructor Course December 2, 2016 Reflective Introduction STEM The journey undertaken when writing papers for college level classes is one of discovery. We learn about topics by doing many hours of research. The first steps are to formulate the thesis for STEM. Next look for pros and cons based on the thesis. Then decide what is important to know about STEM. Then back up the thesis with accurate data, and put together multi-modal visuals to follow the thesis. No matter how much time spent researching the school library, or on the internet, there is always differing opinions, with both pro and con on all subjects. In the end, it is about how one could phrase the research thesis is all about what comes up as research. One must take the time to find a consensus on the information. The reflection for this STEM topic is that stereotyped careers as a male dominated in earlier dated articles. Excerpt from previous STEM paper on Solutions to the Challenges on page 2 Studies indicate that when students are still in the lower grades in their education, they all have similar desires to pursue STEM-related disciplines later in their academic life. However, the males in the science-based disciplines outnumber females. The women accounting for only twenty-one percent of the undergraduate degrees related to STEM (Hill, 31). That process looks to be changing in the more current articles. This good news for women as the figure 1 below shows the proof that more women are discovering the benefits of choosing STEM as a career. The research also proves that career planning should occur earlier than that high school. This is where the mentoring process works the best. As listed in

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