Reflective Ethnographic Project (Discomforting Experience)

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Name: Instructor’s name:Course: 17 November 2016 Reflective Ethnographic Project Describe the Experience Since both Luisa and I were of Caribbean origins, we had some common cultural practices. However, because Luisa moved to the United States when she was just five years old, she had gotten more accustomed to the American culture than the Caribbean one. Nonetheless, for someone who grew up in the U.S., Luisa had quite excellent knowledge about the Caribbean culture. She told me that her parents never missed an opportunity to educate her on the Colombian culture. After discussing a lot about our Caribbean roots, Luisa took me through certain integral elements of the American culture; a culture which she had been part of for the last seventeen years. She informed me that the culture of the United States was majorly Western; however, she also said that it had some Asian, Latin, and African elements in it. Luisa told me that the cuisine, dialect, folklore, social habits and arts were some of the defining elements of the American culture. We then decided that it would be a good idea to start me off with the arts segment of the American culture. To let me into the American art culture, she chose to take me to the Gateway Theater for the Rocky Horror Picture Show; I had never been to any event of that kind. When we got there, there were lots of weird looking people. Not weird in physique, but in dressing and the choice of make-up. Almost everyone I could see had black clothes on them; that surprised me a bit because I did not understand why everyone was in black. Luisa had just told me to put on black clothes; she did not say that that was part of what it took to

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