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Reflective Consolidation Paper Firstname, Lastname University name Reflective Consolidation Paper As I am nearing the completion of this course, I feel ready to be in a position to reflect on the course. My Course Learning The biggest contribution this course would always have on my journey to becoming a software specialist would be that it taught me to think like a software engineer. It has given me the eyes to analyze problems around me and the mind to design the solution. It has taught me the basic steps required to create effective, productive, maintainable and successful software systems. No matter where I am a decade from now, I know I will constantly be revisiting the conceptual knowledge I learnt in this course. The course has triggered in me a fascination for software systems. It has polished for me my goal in future and has directed me towards it. And now I am anxiously looking forward to learning more about software analysis and design in future. My Future Goals I want to become an IT expert. In the present age, computers, laptops, smartphones and Internet have become a commodity of the global society. Since this trend will continue to rise, IT experts have a sound financial future in the International professional market (Thompson, 2016). They also have the ability to affect people on a massive scale (Sinha, Ogilvy, and Shanghai, 2005). IT personnel can make a difference in the world by using technology to aid people’s daily lives. I want to improve people’s lives through designing software systems that people can easily relate to and adopt and which make their daily chores easy for them. This course gave me an opportunity to move towards my

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