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How Leaders influence Followers Name: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The paper addresses essential factors that create influence among followers. Leaders’ activities can manipulate the way the followers think and consequently have an effect on how they perform their responsibilities. Several leadership approaches that can manipulate followers include transformational leadership, democratic leadership, and autocratic leadership. This paper discusses these strategies and whether they impose a negative of positive change among individuals. The paper also highlights three aspects such as decision-making processes, level of contribution, and satisfaction in manipulating the followers. The type of approach employed by the leader affects these aspects. Additionally, the paper also discusses some of the characteristics that leaders possess that may influence their followers. These characteristics include charisma and inspirational influence. The paper highlights the way in which these qualities play a role in promoting productivity or satisfaction among other individuals. Further, the paper briefly highlights how these qualities benefit the leader in influencing their followers positively.   How Leaders Influence Followers Leaders have the power to manipulate their followers in different ways. The way in which the leaders influence other individuals is through the leadership style adopted. The character of the individual also plays an essential role in influencing others. Some of the leadership styles that can influence other individuals include transformational leadership, autocratic, and democratic leadership. The qualities possessed by a leader that

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