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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Reflection It was unexpected that the article would expound on the initial stages of the Asian market. Many articles appreciate the remarkable progress that these markets have achieved but fail to look deeper at its history. I found it interesting the way trade is a simple aspect, but many authors try to make it look complex. It is more interesting how the author can bring out the basic elements of trade and the way they impact the overall results. This is significant in understanding how to take advantages of opportunities in the markets. Market structure plays a critical role in creating order, thereby, enabling traders to exchange goods in a serene environment. On the other hand, information makes it possible for traders to make well-informed decisions. When there is information asymmetry, it becomes very hard to achieve high levels of openness in the market. The market can be manipulated based on the amount of information available for the customers. Traders can take advantage of the gap to exploit the customers. Also, traders can collude to hike the prices of the products in the market with the aim of making exuberant prices. Bad actors in the market were barred from entering the market. This was a punishment that deterred other traders who had similar intensions. This enhanced the level of honesty in the market. The article provides evidence that markets enable traders to gain experience and shift their focus to specific trade lines. As a result, they specialize in a particular area where they feel that they are well connected, and their interests are well serviced. Furthermore, markets provide traders with a chance

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