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Student’s Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Article Reflection The Negro Family: The Case for National Action is a report that evoked a lot of controversy upon its release in the year 1965. Writing the report is based on the status of the black family and its effect on the whole American society. The position of the Negro American`s full recognition as an American citizen began with civil rights movement, leading to the 1964 Civil Rights Act enactment. Other underlying problems affecting the black Americans and were as crucial as championing for their right of recognition include the economic disparity, and black families urge to attain the American dream. Moynihan noted that for this to happen, there was a need to put in effort in that endeavor (Moynihan 1-2). In my opinion, Moynihan highlighted two important reasons for the issues that affect black people. First, the racism factor was still an issue among black Americans because the prejudices and views did not end with the declaration of the civil rights. Secondly, the centuries of harsh and inhumane treatment had a negative effect on the black people. They are not equal in any aspect to the people they are competing with. The family structure as a whole suffered the most. The families who were struggling had crumbled because of the disintegration of social relationships. There was a need for a nationalistic outlook on the whole issue because the problem on the dysfunctional element of the family unit of the black people was not just an issue for the black race but the entire American nation. The release of The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, made many people assume that the issues of

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