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Reflection on Chapter 4 of “The Helping Tradition in the Black Family and Community”. Name University Affiliation Date The Helping Tradition in the Black Family and Community The Helping Tradition in the Black Family and Community is a book written by Joanne and Elmer Martin in 1985. I found chapter four of the book as very interesting and informative. I agree with most of the ideas presented by the authors though I would differ with a few of their arguments. I agree that the blacks have a healthy helping tradition both as a family and community level as demonstrated when the Whites attempted to segregate them through slavery. Unlike other races where individuals would opt to fight their battles, the Blacks came together amidst the segregation and formed organizations to assist the needy black families. I concur with the authors highlights that the helping tradition was more prevalent in the rural areas and small towns. The reason for this is because in the rural areas most people saw each other as family members and did most of their community activities as a team. The statement that stresses on Hill’s study about the helping tradition of Black Families and Communities not being primary as a result of racism and segregation is true. The tradition exists because unlike other races, the blacks had humble beginnings and had no social classes. They all lived as one big family, and all had equal opportunities. Consequently, even before their segregation they assisted each other and did not look down on any of their community members. As stated in the Chapter, the helping tradition of the blacks also extends to the urban areas. The extension is a reliable

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