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Parenting Role of Grandparents Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Parenting Role of Grandparents Parenting is a process that follows after giving birth. Taking care of the child’s basic needs and providing understanding, support, attention, and love to a child are termed as good parenting. Parenting can be in two forms, single parenting or couple parenting. Single parenting is when either a father or the mother of a child takes the responsibilities to help the child. Couple parenting is when both parents support the child, there is a share of responsibility. In some cases, especially in the African American society, grandparents are seen to take responsibilities to support their grandchildren. The discussion below will be based on how grandparents are taking care of their grandchildren in the African American families, the challenges they face, their living characteristic and what impact it has brought to the society. Many factors have led to grandparents taking care of their grandchildren. In our society today of the 21st century, cases of divorces, aids and drug abuse have left many children abandoned by their parents. The children are either abandoned or left orphans, and this results in them to become street children (Waites, 2009). I think that teenage pregnancy has also significantly caused a burden of parenting to grandparents. In some cases, parents find difficulties in raising their children and grandparents take their responsibility for them. They become parents a second time around when raising their grandchildren. The fact that grandparents see their grandchildren in need of attention, understanding, and care makes them support those children.

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