Reflection on the Recent Election

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Reflection on the Recent Election Politics makes part of human life complete as leaders who forms policies are elected from their political strength and promises. The recent election in the US affects me indirectly as far as the new President; Donald Trump is concerned. I feel that the results came as a surprise basing on the popular votes that the two candidates got. I expected Hillary Clinton to win but she could not make it since those who voted for her in the Electorate College did not rich the required number. The president-Elect promised during his campaigns that he would ban Islamic immigrants from coming to America (Qiu, N.p). He went further threatening to deport those Muslims and Africans who entered America through dubious means. My friends in campus are Muslims, and they stay close to our home. They have gone through a stressful period after the election results were announced that the new president was from the Republican Party. Although we are not sure if Trump will stick to his policies of deporting and banning Muslims from entering America, the families of my friends are in a dilemma of whether their lives are going to be the same as before or they are going to be sidelined. The President-elect links Islamic religion to the terror activities happening around the world, something that is not justifiable. Politics affect the way people live as the policies that the elected leaders come up with affect the citizens either positively or negatively. Media is a communication tool that has a great influence in politics. The opinion polls and presidential debates that are aired through the media help the politicians to prove their political strength and weakness

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