Reflection of Anthropology Class

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Name of Student Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission REFLECTION OF ANTHROPOLOGY CLASS Introduction Evolution refers to the biological changes that occur in organisms over a certain period.The changes involve hereditary characteristics and gene frequencies of organisms. As a result, there is diversification at every biological organization stage. Molecules, individual organisms, and Species are affected by the diversification (Lewis, 2). Personal Reflections Before undertaking the lesson on Evolution Anthropology, I believed that the existence of mankind on earth was occasioned by God the Creator of the Universe. From my biblical knowledge, it was God who created the first human being on earth known as Adam and later on created Eve who was to be a helper to Adam. The first man was created in the image of God who used a part of the man’s body to create Eve as a woman. It is at this point that God gave the first human kind ability to procreate and fill the entire universe. Since God created man in His own image, man has continued filling the earth through reproduction. Modern men are just replicas of the first human kind which existed millions of years ago. However, there are slight changes in their appearance of modern men compared to the ancient ones. The changes are as a result of climatic changes, the invention of modern machines and equipment's that have changed the face of the earth greatly. It is from this perspective that I have always understood the existence of human beings on earth. However, after going through Evolution anthropology class, I have got more information regarding the different stages of the existence of mankind (Bell,

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