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“English 100 will be one of the easiest courses that will not demand too much effort from me in college.” I had thought to myself before I began the coursework. But after a few weeks of involving classes that forced me to struggle and critically think to complete some tasks, it hit me that this was not going to be a stroll in the park as I had previously thought. Therefore, I had to be keen in class and also engage the professor for guidance and direction on some of the aspects that seemed extensive and complex to my level of understanding. From my general view and relating to other courses that I did, I can comfortably say; English 100 was among the classes on top of my favorites list this semester. My passion and success were majorly owed to the level of personalisation and the positive engagement between the professor and fellow students, for the best performance of each and every one in class. My improvement has been indicated by maturity in my grammar whereby, I have accustomed myself with the basic techniques taught in class and made them a necessity in all my writings. My sentence structure has also been enhanced in that; I know the relevant parts to put my topic sentence and thesis statement in a paragraph. My vocabulary has considerably improved, and this is due to the extensive writing and regular practice advised by the professor throughout the semester. Through all the writing I have managed to represent my ideas and views clearly in complete sentences and avoiding unnecessary ambiguities. I have understood precisely why long and complex sentences are tedious and discouraged when presenting or discussing ideas. My essay writing has also developed

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