Reflection Essay 2

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Reflection Essay English competition has been one of my enjoyable moments during the entire semester. Writing essays had never been one of my strengths before, but I feel that I have achieved some steps in writing a good essay. It was challenging to take the initial steps during the semester, five paragraph essay format that often constricted my ideologies for long periods. However, moving past this form has made me have an open mind. I am now able to think about complex ideas since I have learned the art of sustaining logical arguments in a logical manner. During the semester, I have experienced my writing improving as compared to how I started and it has become increasingly more concise and the chances of “padding” has reduced. English competition has enabled me to improve my ability to point out various complexities in a given text, rather than sticking to a single-sided argument in my compositions. Previously, I never knew how to find books via the interlibrary loan or finding peer reviewed articles from the internet, but by the end of the semester, I was able to conduct these searches and cite them in my essays. This move has widened the scope of my essays and made them more scholarly due to the credible references that I insert in my papers. Although I have not captured the concepts to the best level that is required, I can feel and see that my essays are much more improved and impressive as compared to the previous time before having this class. I would advocate that other schools adopt English competition so that those students like I can be able to capture the knowledge of proper essay writing and improve their grammar. Moreover, teachers should strive to

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