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Adult education NameInstitution Adult education Adult education is a practice where adults connect in organized and consistent self-educating actions so as to gain new structures of knowledge, talent, approaches or principles. Adult education is a common education curriculum for adults. These centers provide affordable free classes for people over the age of eighteen and over. The adult schools are in diverse metropolis and towns. The schools give students general education diplomas, high school diplomas, the students, also learn about their country for those who want citizenship, and others take English lessons especially those who English is not their first language. Adults in school are in the informal form of learning where they use artifacts as part of their school curriculum. One very useful object is a museum; it is both a meditation space and also a place that delivers educational recollection. The museum uses artifacts to connect people and the globe. Educational activities are inside museum spaces. For an institution to take charge in creating educational actions, they need to have artifacts to that are culturally relevant, conserve them, display them and carry out learning curriculum related to them. The museum as an artifact is not like other learning facilities, it uses real objects for learning, unlike the other schools where learning is theoretical. The artifacts in the museum have a particular way of mediating the education process. The process of collecting, preserving and displaying artifacts happens in an educational manner. The displaying is the most significant learning activity; it is a way of connecting people to the objects. The use of

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