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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Reflection of a Culinary Event I recently got to be a part of the city’s memorial festival that happens annually. I was a part of the culinary team, and as a result, I got practical experience of some of the theoretical concept that I have learned in class. The event taught me a lot regarding pricing catering services to maximize profitability, plating and presenting for profit, setting up the catering system and finally serving the guests. The party had taken three months to plan, and at the end of it all, the event was a success. Everyone was happy, and the caterers were able to make a substantial profit. The first thing we started with was putting a price on catering services which can be very challenging. This challenge is caused by the difficulty that arises when trying to estimate the cost of food and the transportation cost. The pricing of the catering services relied on these two main factors among other factors such as rent of equipment, and if these expenses were higher than the priced catering services, then the caterers would experience a loss. A higher catering price, on the other hand, would lead to loss of clients. To maximize the profit and still ensure customer satisfaction, the caterers had to be wise in drafting the event’s menu. The caterers who had already obtained a liquor license added alcoholic beverages to the menu. A liquor license is a permit that allows the holder to sell alcoholic beverages (Burgess and Moffat 2). Through the sale of alcohol at the event, the caterers were able to price food in a manner that ensured that the guests were satisfied and ensured that the caterers did

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