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Admission of Athletes in Higher Learning Institutions Authors Name Institution Affiliation Admission of Athletes in Higher Learning Institutions The involvement of athletes in higher education is important both for the athlete and the institution in which an athlete is admitted. The participation of students in athletics and other forms of sports within an institution enhances not only an athlete’s performance but also encourages other students to realize their academic dreams. My selection of this topic was influenced by my desire to engage in co-curriculum activities while at the same time pursuing my academic objectives successfully. My research in this area has given me much motivation to carry on with my education while at the same time sparing some time to explore my passion for football. The higher learning environments brood talent and enable athletes to complete their courses without defaulting any examinations. My research on the topic has enabled me to learn the significance of athletes are in higher learning institutions and their impact not only on their performance but also on or against other students. Socialization and interaction between athletes in the field stimulate the brain by creating a psychological effect. The aspect of team membership taught in the field passed on to students by coaches creates the desired level of responsibility, discipline and time management. The coaches and lecturers are more concerned with the performance of athletes on and off the field. I learned that athletes who are passionate about sports must achieve specific academic grades to be eligible for participation in co-curriculum activities. Playing as a team

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