Reflecting theories of work place organization

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WORK ORGANIZATION: ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY Name Institution Date Differences in the way work were organized in a typical US-American car factory in the 1960s and the 2000s. Work organization describes the division of labor and control of activities and processes involved in developing a product or service. Organization of work in a typical US-American factory in the 2000s was fundamentally different from the way it was in 1960s. The convergence of various factors, as well as advances in technology led to a steady change in the manner in which work was organized and performed in this industry (Ding and Akoorie, 2013, 89). One of the ways through which organization of work differs between the two periods was through constant disruption of organizational structures. Over the years, the structure of agencies in the auto industry has become more spatially distributed. Unlike in the 1960s, work in 2000s was no longer concentrated in an individual. Rather, collaborative activities and dedicated workspaces gained more prominence in the 2000s. Notably, dispersion of work has become a prominent feature in the organization of work in the 2000s. It is driven by the outsourcing of various functions to third party service providers, as well as the relocation of production facilities to low cost places. Additionally, the need to simplify organizational hierarchies and the imperative to lower indirect costs have also led to the disruption of organizational structures in the auto factories. Closely related to this development was the fact that the companies of the 2000s reduced staff levels significantly by outsourcing non-core function such as accounting, human resources,

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