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Name Instructor Course Date Immigration and America’s Black Population The 21st century has witnessed a different trend in the immigration of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean who have changed the composition of the American population. Notably, these people are educated flow to the United States to seek better employment opportunities as their homes are third world nations which are still struggling with poverty and rampant (Kent 9). In my opinion, these people believe that a developed and civilized nation like America will give them greater opportunities than their home countries. This argument is valid to some extent as the United States is one of the best-paying nations in the world. Besides that, these people are enticed by the exposure that they would get in the Nation. The racial and ethnic transformation experienced in America currently can be attributed to this influx of people from different ethnic backgrounds (Kent 10). Ideally, these immigrants have brought a positive impact in the United States as opposed to the opinion of most of the Americans. I agree with the author that one of the factors that are believed to have promoted the influx of black people into America is the availability of frequent and cheap flights. The internet and social media are yet factors that have contributed significantly to the current immigration trend as they facilitate communication between the immigrants and their families (Kent 13). Besides that, the internet enables immigrants to search and connect with potential employers in America. Since most of these immigrants are educated, it is easy for them to secure a formal or informal job which is well paying than

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