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Genograms Student Name Institution Affiliation Genograms Based on genograms I expected that it would handle a diversity of different races. In my reading, the topic being discussed was based on the African Americans. The author would have also detailed information of how a genogram is conducted. Symbols are used to illustrate genograms, and the date of birth is written above the name of the person, this was exception information from the readings provided. Inside the symbols, the current age is indicated, codes of any genetic disease or other personal properties (Waites, 2009). The information missed from the reading; I gathered it from a personal experience in a healthcare facility. From the reading, I learned various ways genograms used in the African Americans. Some of the expectations that were met in the discussion were that genograms are used to represent a family in pictorial forms. Genograms help to aid the practitioner understand the situation of a particular family (Waites, 2009). Through the understanding, a self and family awareness is created between a practitioner and a family. Waites also included how genograms are used for three or more generations. The central themes the book summarized based on religion, the old generation of grandparents and challenges and role of practitioners. The article based its research that African Americans have their primary resource from religion and spiritual practices. The reason behind a sequential interest in religion is because a former generation also did religion for resource income (Waites, 2009). While gathering information through a genogram, an old woman who was a patient stated that she owned a church

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