Reducing Traffic Jam

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Reducing Traffic Jam Traffic jams have become the daily experience for people in almost all big towns and cities. There are many reasons that have lead to this situation. First, the movement into towns is raising every day as most people prefer to work in urban areas as opposed to the rural areas. The designs of most towns are also poorly designed as they did not anticipate the expansion of roads or the huge numbers of people. Finally, the demand for cars has been rising every day as they have over time become quite cheap. Traffic jams if unchecked can negatively affect the productivity of a country due to the high number of hours wasted. But how can we control this situation? Public transportation offers an efficient way of managing the problem. Public transport is somewhat cheaper as compared to using personal cars. High amounts of fuel are spent during traffic jams increasing the daily expenses of a motorist. Private car users should be encouraged to use public transport when traveling short distances ("Traffic Congestion: Why It’S Increasing And How To Reduce It"). Through public transport, the high number of vehicles will be reduced. This will minimize the congestion of traffic on the roads leading to a manageable fleet of cars. It is also advisable to avoid driving during peak times. Peak time is the worst time to go out by the car. People should be advised to go out early to avoid being caught up in the traffic congestions.If you stuck in the traffic in the peak time, you might lose a lot of time. Sometimes it is possible to lose two to three hours on the road which would have been spent on something

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