Reducing Teen Pregnancy in the Community

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Reducing Teen Pregnancy in the Community Teen pregnancy has been on the increase; this reality also increases maternal mortality rates. Therefore, there is the need to address the issue from a community perspective. In hopes of reducing teen pregnancy rates in the US, many interventions including school health programs have been used. The focus of the education is to teach teenagers how to handle relationships, make sound decisions, and resist peer pressure that may drive them into making wrong decisions. Teen pregnancy has many effects both on the person and on the community as a whole. School dropout rates have been on the increase; the issue also thwarts school achievement and affects the health of children born to teen mothers. In reducing pregnancy among teenagers, there must be understanding and active participation from the parties’ involved (Francis et al., 2016). Some ethical principles must be considered to save the situation without hurting indulging unfairly. The principles include autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice. Autonomy means acting separately from others or independence. The teenagers should be given the right to be independent such that they make their informed decisions. Advice should be presented, but the decision should be by the individual in a predicament (Gonzalez-Perez et al., 2013). Beneficence is an ethical principle, which means that doing good to others (Bennett, 2014) meaning that all the initiatives should be for the good of teenagers. Actions should be aimed at removing harm or improving teens’ situations. Non-maleficence means not causing any harm. The initiatives should not risk the health of adolescents that is, it

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